Vision & Plan

The Party Vision

As Fort Bend County continues to grow at a rapid rate, the need for a well-organized and active Republican Party increases. To protect our Republican seats and continue the successful track record of conservative governance in our county, we must fight year-round for every vote. We must be a party that brings the conservative message to every community and shares the successes of our party. We will have to get out of our comfort zones and build relationships with those around us.

Fort Bend County has been recognized as not only the most diverse county in the state, but also in the entire country. We have shown the country that conservative principles work and that regardless of the color of a person’s skin or where their national origin was, we all seek the same freedom and opportunities our party’s principles allows for.

For our party to grow, we must keep politics local by building voter precinct organizations that actively build relationships and communicates our conservative values year-round. Precinct chairs will play an even more crucial role in our party. They will need to be trained and equipped to organize and engage voters in their voter precinct year-round. Winning elections is a game of numbers where there are only two equations: division and multiplication. We will be a party that multiplies by developing leaders that empowers activists to produce votes.

The Party Plan

The path to keep Fort Bend County Republican requires us to set a strong foundation and then build upon it. We will be the hardest working party in the state and our victories in every corner of our county will show it.

Party Organization

Our Executive Committee will meet frequently and our committees and initiatives will work relentlessly to achieve our party’s goals. Our party will move in the direction and pace of our volunteer, grassroots activists. An Executive Director will support these efforts and the organization.

Training and Development

We will build programs and certifications for training and equipping precinct chairs, volunteers, and candidates.

Party Growth

Precinct chairs and volunteers will build micro-organizations at the voter precinct level all across the county to engage and turn out new voters.

Protect Election Integrity

We will have the right people at every voting location and a program for reporting and handling voter fraud claims.


We will establish a budget that properly funds all of our committees and initiative’s goals. We will build trust and instill confidence in our financial contributors through proper transparency and reporting.