County Elected Officials

Fort Bend County Elected Officials

County Judge The Honorable Bob Hebert
Commissioner – Pct 1 The Honorable Vincent Morales
Commissioner – Pct 3 The Honorable Andy Meyers
Commissioner – Pct 4 The Honorable James Patterson
County Clerk The Honorable Laura Richard
County Treasurer The Honorable Jeff Council
Tax Assessor-Collector The Honorable Patsy Schultz
County Attorney The Honorable Roy Cordes
County Sheriff The Honorable Troy Nehls
County Court at Law #1 The Honorable Christopher G. Morales, Judge
County Court at Law #2 The Honorable Jeffery McMeans, Judge
County Court at Law #3 The Honorable Susan G. Lowery, Judge
County Court at Law #4 The Honorable Jerry W. Bussell, Judge
County Court at Law #5 The Honorable Ron Cohen, Judge
Justice of the Peace – Pct 1, Pl 1 The Honorable Gary Janssen, Judge
Justice of the Peace – Pct 1, Pl 2 The Honorable Mary Ward, Judge
Justice of the Peace – Pct 3 The Honorable Ken Cannata, Judge
Justice of the Peace – Pct 4 The Honorable Justin M. Joyce, Judge
Constable – Pct 1 The Honorable Mike Beard
Constable – Pct 3 The Honorable Wayne Thompson
Constable – Pct 4 The Honorable Trever J. Nehls

Republican District Judges and Elected Officials

District Attorney The Honorable John Healey
District Clerk The Honorable Annie Rebecca Elliott
Judge – 240th District Court The Honorable Chad Bridges, Judge
Judge – 268th District Court The Honorable Brady G. Elliott, Judge
Judge – 328th District Court The Honorable Ron Pope, Judge
Judge – 387th District Court The Honorable Brenda G. Mullinix, Judge
Judge – 400th District Court The Honorable Maggie Perez-Jaramillo, Judge
Judge – 434th District Court The Honorable Jim Shoemake, Judge

Multi-County Republican Elected Officials

1st Court of AppealsChief Justice Sherry Radack 14th Court of AppealsChief Justice Adele Hedges
Pl 2            Justice Jane Bland Pl 2            Justice Leslie Brock Yates
Pl 4            Justice Evelyn Keyes Pl 3            Justice John S. Anderson
Pl 5            Justice Laura Carter Higley Pl 4            Justice Jeff Brown
Pl 6            Justice George C. Hanks, Jr. Pl 5            Justice Kent C. Sullivan
Pl 7            Justice Terry Jennings Pl 6            Justice William J. Boyce
Pl 8            Justice Michael Massaengale Pl 7            Justice Kem Thompson Frost
Pl 9            Justice Elsa Alcala Pl 8            Justice Charles W. Seymore
Pl 9            Justice Tracey Christopher